Best websites for online press releases

From politics to big business, press releases are how you inform the public of your launches and/or important changes. But they’re no longer done in a room full of intrepid reporters writing down what you’re saying – much of the process has now been moved online.

There are hundreds of press release websites, some free and others paid-for. Each promises the same thing: to deliver your message across the web and help get traffic for your business, both online and offline. But how many of them can really do what they claim? The press release website you use should guarantee to get your release on Google Search and to provide followed links – depending on your business, getting on Google News might also be desired.

Best websites for press releases

  • There isn’t all that much to this site, which doesn’t mean it won’t do the job right. Exact Release is free of charge and covers a wide variety of content, getting you on Google’s search in no time while also providing useful links back to your site. It doesn’t have any additional subscriber options and isn’t particularly stringent about the types of releases you can make, making it a great and simple choice to include in virtually every release you publish.
  • Despite its size, NewswireToday remains easy to use with a plethora of release options. Like the previous site, this one also allows releases from all sorts of businesses and promises to land you on Google Search. Past that, the site offers various premium services that aim to help spread you across the web, with packages ranging from around $100 to $450. While somewhat costly, the services are quite useful and are sure to get you a few additional leads and some much-needed backlinks.
  • Despite having many free options, PRFire could be called a premium press release site: it has a multitude of useful paid-for services and is one of the very few online PR sites that can actually help land you on Google News. You’ll no doubt feel compelled to use one of the premium packages: PRFire can write your press releases for you, distribute you to social media and news sites, optimize your keywords for better search engine productivity and much more. If you really need to get the most out of your online press release, you won’t go wrong by using this website as the main platform.
  • If you consider your content to be worthy of making the news, this site is pretty great. It lets you make a single free release per day with the option of making several more daily as part of a premium package. The paid-for services are similar to PRFire: OnlinePRNews can get you on Google News and various other media outlets and social media sites as well as create numerous backlinks and have journalists write the release for you. If you have some extra cash in your budget to boost your business through press releases, buying enough services on this site is sure to spike your website traffic – whether you can convert the visitors is up to you.